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46 Fire and Life Safety, LLC
, located in Dickson, TN, opened in November of 2006.

The company and owner are licensed and insured to sale and service fire extinguishers, service hood suppression systems and conduct preparatory surveys to prepare for compliance inspections.

Owner, Paul K. Cummings, has 16 years experience in the fire service: four years of service in the United States Navy from 1987 to 1991(he served as a damage-control-man, which is a Naval Firefighter), and 12 years working for a municipal fire department in Middle Tennessee. Eleven years of his tenure at the municipal fire department was as the Fire Marshal. Since Thanksgiving of 2005, he has been a frontline firefighter for the same municipal fire department. Paul formed this company with growth in mind. His first division just started operating. This division is called "46 Fire Extinguisher Service." 46 Fire Extinguisher Service is focused on providing superior customer service. The services they provide are sales of portable fire extinguishers, service of portable fire extinguishers, consulting on NFPA codes, preparatory surveys to help prepare for compliance inspections, servicing cooking suppression systems and installing portable fire extinguishers. Their focus will be on the specific customer's needs. If you live in Middle Tennessee and have a need for a fire extinguisher service, please call 615 566-5683 or 615 446-9910 or email paul@dicksonfire.com

46 Fire has many suppliers which include:

First Aid Supplies:    www.harthealth.com                Exam and Work Gloves:      www.safety-zone.com

Safety Glasses:         www.pyramexsafety.com        Gauze and Bulk Medical:     www.dynarex.com

Please visit the above websites to see what we sell.  To order or for pricing please call 615 566-5683 and ask for Paul. 

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